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Meet Our Sponsor

Meet Our Sponsor

George Loureda30 Jan - 19:25
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OneWelbeck: Proud Sponsor of Finchley Rugby Club

Private Healthcare Excellence
- OneWelbeck

We are thrilled to announce OneWelbeck as a proud sponsor of Finchley Rugby Club. Since its establishment in 2019, OneWelbeck has emerged as a beacon of excellence in healthcare as a private healthcare facility in the heart of London, boasting over 250 consultants across 9 floors and 13 specialised clinics.

Recognised for breaking down barriers in healthcare, OneWelbeck employs cutting-edge technology and the latest medical equipment to provide unparalleled patient care. The centre’s high-tech facilities, resembling a boutique hotel, prioritise comfort, convenience, and privacy. OneWelbeck's commitment to excellence ensures that patients remain informed and in control throughout their journey, significantly reducing anxiety.

As we join hands with OneWelbeck we celebrate the dedication to pushing the boundaries in healthcare, aligning seamlessly with the values of our vibrant sports community. Find out more about OneWelbeck by following the link here

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